Vision & Mission

Within Solutia s.r.o. we have succeeded in building an expert base for providing services in the field of IT technology and information systems.


We also focused on the related services including top-notch and efficient system integration, security and strategic advice and consultancy in IS/ICT.

Comprehensive and highly advanced tailor made enterprise solutions

A team of specialists has been created to provide the services, engaging in the individual projects. Our specialists and consultants take part in regular highest-level trainings and certifications and are motivated, on an ongoing basis, to absorb new practices.

To our customers, we provide services:

  • the customers need,
  • that make it possible for the customers to optimise their internal processes,
  • that allow the customers to manage their funds in an efficient manner,
  • that allow the customers to perceive the IT environment as a major business tool rather than a source of problems.

How do we want to achieve customer satisfaction?

Consistent application of the methodologies and corporate culture is a pre-condition to customer satisfaction. This namely applies to:

  • software product creation methodology and tools,
  • project management methodology (PRINCE2 ®, PM BOK ),
  • analysis, modelling and enterprise process implementation tools and methodologies.


High professionalism of all Solutia s.r.o.

staff, preference to customer interests

and adaptation to their requirements.

Along with the comprehensiveness of our services and precision in their execution, these are the other preconditions in the proverbial success evaluation scale used by the customer.


Solutia's vision is to help its customers in addressing their complex assignments, create advance, efficient and safe solutions.


We simply want to continue to keep our thumb on the pulse of the time.

Does that seem like a cliché to you?

Ask our customers.