Virtualization with VMware


In particular ESX and ESXi rank among the most used products in the area of system virtualization and cloud computing in the world.


Solutia offer a complex portfolio of products for server solution operations. Whether you need to simulate a virtual environment for the development of specific applications or operate an extensive information system, contact us.

Partnership with VMware


Thanks to our partnership with VMWare and the status of the VMware Partner Professional , we are ready to offer you top services in the area of virtualization of the infrastructure and cloud.


Membership in VMware Partner Network enables us, in addition to exceptional support, to further expand our know-how to achieve even more efficient and reliable solutions on the virtualization platform VMware.



It was founded in Palo Alto in California by five students and friends at the University of Berkeley in 1998. The company later underwent a turbulent development to end up under the wings of the American group EMC in 2004.