Vertica Overview


Most database systems have been updated or improved over time to work with Big Data. Vertica, however, was built from the start, with the first line of code for use in data warehouses. It was created directly to work with a large amount of information and therefore offers various advantages over others.


  • The column database versus the Vertica line-based data storage system provides a unique storage compression option that saves not only space but also time and money
  • Fast retrieval and polling - Ensure extremely high concurrency of queries even when retrieving new data
  • Scalability without limitation - You can easily expand the environment with other machines to improve the storage and speed of calculations
  • Using the Immediate Results Environment - Process data using Machine Learning, Python and R directly in the database
  • Simple optimization - You will spend much less time finding performance and optimal settings
  • Works in your environment - With the support of the most popular BI and visualization tools (eg Tableau) and open source technologies such as Apache, Hadoop, Kafka and Spark