„Analytics that work the way you think “

Tableau, is a business intelligence tool used to visualize data. With Tableau, you get a new opportunity to visualize and use your data for the positive development of your business.


What is Tableau?

A simple tool to help you create interactive visualizations in the form of dashboards, worksheets, charts, and other insights to help you get a business overview for better business development. This tool makes it easy to create all business insights over the entire spectrum of information we own, even for users with non-IT education and focus, which is its strongest point. Thus, each authorized user can work in real time with all the information at his disposal.


From the moment you start using the Tableau tool, you realize, that information that was previously unachievable or hard to find out are at reach of a hand, and with one click you can convert it into important information solving a business problem.

And not surprisingly, Tableau is the most favourite and popular data visualization tool used by millions of people around the world.



Why Tableau?

  • Simple data merging from different sources
  • Create interactive dashboards using intuitive graphical interface
  • Analysis and processing of large volumes of data in a short time
  • Simple to understand and use (no training required for basic work)
  • Simple connection to a data source
  • Support for various data sources, such as data storage, SQL, Files, Cloud Apps, Big Data, etc.


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