System Integration


Efficient information flow from Solutia

We are fully aware that a varied, internally complex and trouble-free flow of information is of key importance to the running of companies and its efficient market presence.



Considering our experience obtained from extensive projects undertaken with both Czech and multinational companies, we are ready to accommodate tasks associated with system integration, Whether the task involves supervising information system development or creating new or modifying existing IS components.


The solution supplied or supervised by us will be fully in line with the principle of easily manageable and reusable service-oriented architecture (SOA).



We mainly offer the following services:

  •     Taking the role of a responsible system integrator.
  •     Creating and maintaining the IT strategy.
  •     While designing the enterprise integration solution,
  •     While analysing and designing the target information system architecture.
  •     Identifying the adequate technology for the central IS management elements.
  •     Implementing selected integration platforms.
  •     Providing advice while supervision preparation and creation of the IS and the components thereof.




Respecting the existing functionality

The adequate integration approach and corresponding technologies will always be connected with full respect for the existing functioning of the internal processes within the enterprise and with regard to the efficient running of the company with minimum disturbances.




Technologies used:

We used the following technologies by trusted manufacturers in the field of system integration:

  • Oracle
  • IBM
  • Talend
  • other technologies related to Big Data platform in the Big Data Eco-System

We also base our solutions on open source platforms.