Symantec Technologies

The company Symantec is known mainly as a supplier of sophisticated antivirus tools.


Its actual sphere of activity is however much wider, and it is a recognized manufacturer of tools for the cloud, virtualization, or security.

Symantec Cloud

The motto "We make complicated things simple" expresses Symantec's straightforward approach to the cloud. Whether you operate antivirus tools or administration of e-mail boxes on the cloud, the Symantec tool will enable you to have your up-to-date data continuously available to make backups.


The security part of the Symantec portfolio for medium and large companies includes a very popular antivirus toll Norton, and also Pretty Good Privacy or PGP.


 PGP can provide users even with minimum experience with high protection level of their e-mail communication and instant messaging (IM) tools, by their quality encryption and signatures with personal certificates.

Administration of end stations - Endpoint Management

Symantec supplies a solution for endpoint management, one of the pioneers in the field is its Altiris tool. Altiris - originally a London company founded in 1998 - became part of the Symantec concern after its acquisition in 2007. The monitoring system Altiris is installed and secured directly in a protected section of a hard disk. After restart procedure, it takes control over the PC and makes necessary installations or software upgrades from the company network.


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Founded in 1982, the company Symantec ranks among the oldest players in information technologies.


The originally pure scientific project for the processing of natural language using an artificial intelligence developed into a supplier of products and solutions with the annual turnover of 6.7 bil. of dollars