Service Desk

Business in these days becomes more and more dependant on IT technologies and IT services. It is therefore necessary to control these services and processes, optimize and automate them continuously also with respect to such corporate processes that have no direct IT support.


Unified access point

ServiceDesk serves users, customers as the only contact point (so-called Single Point of Contact, SPOC) determined for reporting defects and change inquiries – system access origination, new device acquisition, PC problem solving, sharing information with users, etc.


The Single Point of Contact brings easier and faster orientation to users in contact with IT department of the organization, and the possibility of immediate verification of the condition of individual requirements specified.



"What can't be measured, it can't be managed"

By efficient use of the Service Desk tool, the IT Manager gets in control of all claims laid to the IT department and of the status of these claims, statistics of claims assigned to individual IT workers, and also a review of the fulfilment of individual obligations of Service Level Agreement type - SLA (Service Level Agreement).



By the control and automation of processes, the IT Manager uses better the potential, specialization, and capacities of IT department workers. This results in faster and higher quality services provided to users = customers.


The unambiguous trend in the area of ServiceDesk is the use of its potential and functionalities also for NON-IT Processes. This way the customer increases utilization of its investment in the ServiceDesk technology.

How to recognize a ServiceDesk tool suitable for your organization?

In the world of ServiceDesk technologies, the critical term is ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library). This abbreviation has now been known to most customers as a set of processes and concepts that improve the use, planning, and quality of IT services.


The LANDesk Service Desk tool covers all fifteen processes ITIL V3, its application thus resolves whole range of problems falling within this area at the same time.








Service Fulfillment

Asset and Configuration




Service Level






Knowledge Management

Release and Deployment


Capacity Management

Change Management

Service Portfolio


Service Continuity


Certification PINK VERIFY

Pink Elephant organization deals with assessments of ServiceDesk tools on a long-term basis, with respect to their compliance with and support of ITIL processes.


Certification PINK VERIFY may thus serve as a suitable guide to the level and quality of individual Service Desk solutions.