Server Solutions


Combination of tuned server solutions is ready to perform your most demanding tasks.


If you need a single system with a common control console providing maximum power for computing tasks, storage of large data volumes, offering fast network interfaces also for virtualization, use the variant PureFlex System.


For web and database applications requiring extreme power even at large volumes of individual transactions, the ideal solution is PureApplication System. Whether your solution is of ordinary design or runs in the cloud environment, PureApplication can handle enormous loads.




The latest PureSystems family member brings the best combination of features designed exclusively for advanced data centres.

IBM PowerSystems

Flexible scalable servers for execution of various tasks from medicine, airlines, meteorology, up to mathematic faculties. PowerSystems is built as an open platform with the option to select the operating system  (Linux in the variant industry standard, AIX and IBM i).


Whether you need the power for a small separated team or for global organization, PowerSystems is ready to meet your requirements.

System Z

For your specific applications in the banking environment, air traffic control, or power plant operation, the highly reliable and long-time proven solution of mainframe type from IBM is ready for you.

Blade servery IBM BladeCenter

Legendary, highly scalable, and hot-plug replaceable integrated server components of Blade type from IBM rank among the most used server solutions ever.

IBM disk storages

Three integrated and high-power IBM disk storages will provide you with exactly such response, configuration ability, and space that your ideas need. From the basic Storwize V3700 and DS3500 Express, through the medium class of 7000 / 7000 Unified and DS5000 / DS5020 / DCS3700, up to the highest standard available - DS 8000, IBM XIV and SONAS.


 You may extend individual storages by expansive units and thus multiply further their total capacity.