Security solutions

In companies of our customers, we provide implementation of the standard for information security control ISO 27001 and provide other services in the area of information security.


We implement tools and deal with the security of valuable company's assets, including protected communication of both, between company employees and with key partners. We set adequate standards including efficient control and their compliance. We lay great stress on the security area, and be sure that we have a great experience in this area.


LANDesk Endpoint Security


We provide solutions for security control of end user stations from the reputable manufacturer LANDesk Software.


Customers' information systems include their valuable know-how, confidential and sensitive information, information protected by law, and many others.


We deal with blocking of unauthorised applications, blocking access to interchangeable media, virus protection, spyware and adware, and indeed the protection against outside attacks using smart firewalls.


LANDesk Endpoint Security tool performs simply inventories and updates of the most recent service-packs and patches of the software installed.





Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) represents quality protection of e-mail communication using strong encryption. It protects both the communication and identity verification of the e-mail message sender using electronic signatures.


PGP provides high level of security while maintaining comfort of the operation even for less experienced users.


How does PGP work?


Users exchange their public keys, and then upon sending an e-mail, they select "encrypt" or "sign" option from the menu of their favourite browser. The recipient uses similar procedure and obtains the original message in open form.

Messages are usually also internally stored in protected format, thus there is no threat of information leakage after receiving and decoding the information by the recipient.

Apache Subversion

Apache Subversion, former Subversion or SVN, is a simple, elegant and exceptionally efficient method of access control for documents and source codes from any place, whether through a comfortable supplement of the operating system or a web interface.


Content security and protection in SVN is provided by encrypted communication connection and by possible detail setup of access rights, recording all changes made, and maintaining historical versions of individual documents.

According to the security study, 46% of lost notebooks contained confidential information, but one third was encrypted only, and one tenth had another protection method.

Source: Ponemon Institute / Intel


In 2013, more than 500 information leakages have taken place that had or might have impacts on business activities of the company.

Source: Data Loss DB