Security of terminal devices

Security has been one of the most important parts of the IT problem area since the very beginning of IT technologies.

Customers' information systems include their valuable know-how, confidential and sensitive information, or information protected by law. It is quite usual today that customers invest millions into network firewalls, demilitarized zones (DMZ), and other technologies for the protection against violation from the outside.


The highest risk is however the user operating inside the customer's network.

Hazardous Flash disks

Antivirus, anti-spyware, and anti-adware are the essential part of security protection of terminal devices today. With the great boom of USB flash disks, miniature memory cards, and other portable mobile media, cases of lost information that might have incalculable price occur more and more frequently. 


Endpoint Security solution takes control of USB ports and memory card readers in the computer and prevents copying of contents of these media in compliance with respective policies.

flash disk


Security: LANDesk Security Management

Security of terminal devices with respect to the data contained is one of the key areas of IT security in every organisation. LANDesk Security Suite by its complexity brings data protection at the terminal device to the customer and at the same time enables to enforce internal security regulations efficiently.


Its key characteristics are in particular:

  • Identification of devices including portable and removable ones.
  • Inventory of devices including portable and removable devices and media.
  • Automatic installation of SW patches (corrective patches).
  • Application control and blocking.
  • Control and monitoring of removable devices.
  • Enforcing of security regulations.
  • Quality and reliable antivirus tool developed in Kaspersky Lab.
  • Protection and blocking of harmful software (spyware, malware).
  • Protection against network attacks from the outside and inside (firewall) .
  • Reporting and control.
  • Data protection at terminal devices.

Enforceability of rules

Organizations place enormous emphasis on the security audit and security rules. The tool for Endpoint Security not only enables this but provides enforcement of these security standards and rules.

Technologies of Endpoint Security aim to safeguard the device so that security rules and directives of the organisation are met, which eliminates the risk of damage to the customer's property