Redhat technologies

The company Solutia supplies various products from the wide portfolio of Red Hat.

Industry level linux


In the Linux field, Red Hat Enterprise Linux represents the top with the quality and power of standard and established Unix systems. Whether you need Linux for your mainframe (Platform Z), for operation of SAP system, or you are a scientific team and need a specific solution for demanding computing tasks, Red Hat Enterprise Linux represents the most efficient Linux solution on the market.


Red Hat Network Satellite will enable you to control hundreds and thousands of servers in your infrastructure from one point and using a unified tool.


Products for cloud computing

In the continuously increasing area of cloud solutions, Solutia offers particularly following products of the supplier Red Hat:

Platform as a service

From the Red Hat point of view, PaaS represents considerable simplification of work of developers who have thus their environment under control and may perform its configurations, setup, deployment, and installations. OpenShift Online represents a highly tuned tool operated on one of the most reliable Linux platforms.

Infrastructure for cloud from Red Hat

Contrary to other proprietary virtualization platforms, Red Hat represents a method how to implement a cloud approach into your existing infrastructure without the necessity to redesign it completely. Besides for the price that will certainly nicely surprise you.


Middleware by Red Hat

In the are of open-source solutions for middleware, Red Hat JBoss represents a unique combination of low investment with full support, the solution counted upon by global customers such as New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), or Priceline.


Partnership with Red Hat

We are the Ready Business Partner of the company Red Hat, see more here.

Solutia is Red Hat Business Partner