Oracle SOA Suite

Oracle SOA Suite tool, part of the Oracle Fusion Middleware platform, represents the top in the system integration using the standard of a service-oriented architecture (SOA).


Oracle products as a whole enable well-thought communication between both, individual solution layers and Oracle products: database with an application server, application server with web server, connection with Oracle WebCenter Content, etc.


In addition, Oracle SOA Suite represents a grateful tool for cross-platform integration both between individual solution layers from various suppliers and horizontally between alternate platforms of various suppliers.


Oracle BPEL Process Manager

A unique tool for orchestration of complex processes from Oracle provides you with perfect review of process statuses, their efficiency, and necessary information on their further tuning and simplification.

From the user's point of view, who is anticipated to act within processes, the most visible tool is Oracle Worklist (Operating list in the Czech version of the product).


It transparently and intuitively acquires required information or actions within the defined complex process from the user.

Oracle Enterprise Service Bus

It serves as a vertebral tool for message delivery within Oracle SOA Suite. ESB provides a prompt solution for applications requiring in system integration high performance across the whole company, even it is used in cloud.

Administration of interfaces and events

Oracle solutions include consistently implemented aspects of Service-oriented architecture (SOA) that enable repeated use of once prepared solutions using general standards.

For controlled travelling of valuable information across your company, Oracle provides the tool Event Processing that takes the information safely throughout your company and enable you to use it to the maximum possible extent for the benefit of your business.