Oracle IDM

Imagine the tool that will enable you to control administration of user identities and assign rights to individual domains in your company from a single point.

What does Identity Management mean?

 It is a system that administrates access rights for applications within the company from a single point, and distributes them to these applications, i.e. makes the so-called provisioning. It at the same time records their changes, makes audits, and provides the administrator with detail review of accesses to the system in the organisation.


How does IDM work specifically? Imagine the following scenario:

Commencement of a new employee of the Accounting Department

Do Vaší firmy nastoupí nový zaměstnanec. Na servicedesku běžícím na technologii LANDesk je s předstihem založen nový ticket se žádostí o jeho založení v systémech firmy a s popisem jeho plánovaných úkolů a agendy.


 The new employee is assigned a user account with password meeting internal security policies. Since this is an employee of the Accounting Department, he/she is assigned access to FI module of SAP, a new e-mail box  is set up, and on the intra-company's portal Microsoft Sharepoint the new employee is granted access for editing the news section of the payroll agenda. Since the Accounting Department and the payroll agenda are located on two separate places, the employee is automatically provided with an access card with pre-programmed access rights to both buildings and the company garage.


And how long did all this take? Whole 30 minutes, in which respective employee also managed to enjoy his/her morning coffee :)


Get familiar with Oracle Identity Management (OIM)

Access Management

for access administration


Identity Governance

for identity control


Directory Services

for complex hierarchical integration of identity information within the cloud

or for community solutions.


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