Oracle DMS

Oracle WebCenter Content, formerly Oracle Enterprise Content Management represents a high-advanced and robust tool for the control of documents and creating processes above them.


Whether your mission is to print and process client invoices, you operate with large amount of contracts, or you need to convert collectively and protect digitally the original content, Oracle UCM is capable to meet your requirements without errors





What major benefits do individual features and modules of Oracle WebCenter Content represent for your business and successful development of a digital office?

Administration of documents

In particular, efficient processing of documents, whether originally digital or paper documents, their administration or automation of repeated operations. Oracle products are capable to cover requirements of customers from mobile operators with thousands of customer invoices, or a complex manufacturing and financial companies with complicated and complex processes above documents. 


Whether it is internal approval of invoices, shredding procedure, or digital protection, the right candidate for your tasks is waiting for you within Oracle WebCenter Content products.


Also significant reduction of the cost of processing and administration of intra-company circulation of documents and processes above them represents an important argument for selecting Solutia with Oracle products as a supplier. 






Content digitalization

Whether you use Oracle Open Digital Document Capture or other product from the Oracle portfolio, you will get the highest possible added value in the area of digitalization and metadata specification of your valuable content.

Direct web publishing

Your Internet or Intranet presentation may be supplied directly with documents from Oracle WebCenter Content, while maintaining pre-defined parameters in the area of visual form (branding).


Releasing the content on the web may be fully automatic based on the pre-defined rules and access rights.

Processing of valuable content

Automatic tools and so-called filters enable to define the method of work with valuable digital content such as photos, video recordings, or electronic books. Using Oracle WebCenter Content, you will be able  to create a preview by one mouse click or a live valuable file in several different variants and publish it directly for download by your customers.

Records Management

Modul Records Management will enable you to administrate records of electronic mail message type, or remotely connected sets of files from one point using a unified console.



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