Network and System Monitoring with NAGIOS

The company Solutia provides solutions for the control over network means manufactured by Nagios.

Nagios XI is a professional and complex solution for IT infrastructure monitoring.

It meets the requirements and demands laid on such systems even in the critically important IS/IT environments without reservations. Thanks to its flexibility and scalability, it offers, in addition to basic monitoring and notification functions, a complex view of the IS/IT environment from the perspective of corporate processes.


Using the prediction of potential problems, it is possible to eliminate them even before they may influence negatively the critical IT/IS systems.



It is based on NAGIOS Core

Nagios XI is based on a de-facto standard in the area of monitoring systems, long-time proven open-source tool Nagios Core that is used for monitoring of even very extensive and heterogeneous IS/IT environments. Thanks to its open platform, this solution is usually preferred to often inflexible monitoring tools of large commercial suppliers.


Advanced NAGIOS XI functions

As compared with the basic free platform Nagios Core, the product Nagios XI offers a whole range of advanced functions that predestine it for application in critical and extensive IS/IT environments.


Key aspects of NAGIOS XI are:

  • A powerful web interface with the AJAX technology (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) that provides not only a centralized view of the monitored infrastructure, but also helps to perform administration of the whole monitoring tool.
  • User-adjustable views and working areas , so-called dashboards, offer a complex possibility to adjust the web user interface to requirements of individual users or groups of users.
  • Practical configuration wizards enabling to configure new monitored devices and services in a simple way.
  • Reporting tool with advanced reporting, optional aggregated outputs and view from the perspective of business processes.
  • Capacity planning for the prediction of potentially risky situations and states.


See the screens of the Nagios tool