Data Visualisation


We live in a new age. In age of information, new technologies, progress. Technological progress is also related to progress on communication level. New devices, social sites, these allow us to be in touch with others, to download, gather, exchange, send and so on...


We get to the age where everything is flooded by information and everyone is storing them. Every human who uses technologies, leaves behind tracks of data and these data are stored somewhere. Every human and every company have their data stored somewhere and bigger company  means more data to store. The problem is, when we have a lot of data and they are all of different kind. Company has this data stored somewhere, but when they want to use them, they don´t know what and how to do it.


It means, that company has a “Big Data” problem and needs to figure out, how to gather information from all off these data.



What is Data Visualisation

Data visualisation is a way, how to present already processed data in a way that make sense. So, our goal always have to be, make visualisation as much informative as we can. Also, access to this visualisation should be as easy as can be, without loosing any important information. Visualisation should be direct and clear and also aesthetic for better understanding of visualised data, because of users who should be able to quick search and find whatever they are looking for.


Therefore, in order to achieve visualization efficiency, we only need to work with really relevant data, then choose display parameters, such as color, position, size, etc. Proper parameter selection not only contributes to the aesthetic experience of data presentation, where we highlight what is important and what to focus on, but mainly to simplify and clarify the presentation itself.



Possibilities of Data Visualisation



Our company, at this time, is offering these technologies for analyzing and data visualisation:


Tableau              Logi Applications              MS Power BI