Control and monitoring of resources

LANDesk Data analytics is a unique tool providing the customer with increased transparency of current cost and planning of future cost of investments in the software and terminal devices. The tool provides link between operating information (of HW, SW type, detail configuration, etc.) and financial and business information (HW supplier, warranties, price, etc.).

LANDesk Data Analytics

When using the strong reporting tool LANDesk Data Analytics, you will get:

  • Reports and a series of printed outputs  - by individual devices, users , etc.
  • Licence cost - possible savings with unused licences.
  • The condition and age of hardware devices - manufacturers, models, configurations, etc.
  • HW warranty expiration - the information is downloaded automatically from servers of individual suppliers according to the serial number of the hardware device.
  • Reports on oncoming expiration of software warranties.

The diagram below shows unification of operating data in a single database of LANDesk Data Analytics.