Complex RFID solutions by Solutia

What the RFID technology can be used for?

You will be surprised where Solutia solutions would lighten your workload: from property management (computers, bikes, furniture, machinery, etc.) through waste management, reporting sports events, or in medicine.


In the area of logistics and production logistics, the automation using RFID tags will enable to guard individual items of the production process, their stock level, exact location on the production line, or loss protection.



Exact identification of patients enables to dose drugs safely, provide information on specific patient even in serious health condition without any risk of mistake.


Reusable logistic items


Accurate identification of the item with accurate review of its status is a great benefit especially for valuable containers, barrels, etc.


Waste management


Municipal governments and companies removing and processing the waste as well as their customers may benefit from the principle of payment for particular waste volume, based on unique identification of waste bags, boxes, etc.


Particular standardized waste bags under DIN 30745 are used.




RFID products and Solutia solutions

We build our solutions above various variants of RFID chips and above different methods of their reading, which also results in possible distances, speeds, and other parameters.


As regards to frequencies and performance diagrams, we are able to fit our solutions with communicators of low-frequency range of 30-300 kHz, short waves of 3-30 MHz, and very high frequency of 300-3000 MHz.

1. Control of company's assets - IS REM

Solutia has developed its own highly efficient control system of valuable company's assets.


2. Registration of business-valuable tree species – IS RED

Do you own a valuable and business applicable forest stand? Do you lose funds thanks to absence of monitoring and handling of tree species?


Integration with LANDesk Data Analytics

We integrate our products with Data Analytics tool of LANDesk company - our key technological partner.


What is RFID?



Radio Frequency Identification... a way to learn in a blick of moment a particular code from a chip hidden in a goods in a store, to identify a lost dog, to measure record of a race winner and many more options.


Chip cab be miniauture and can be implanted under skin of your pet, in an access card or it can be used for small amounts payment in a store.


The implementation is even safer as it contains no battery.