Code of Conduct

All company staff members submit to Solutia's Code of Conduct.

Article 1

Professionalism and quality of services provided

Keep the highest standard of services provided on an ongoing basis, comply, in a responsible and timely manner, all agreements with the company's clients and approach the tasks inherent in the individual client jobs and projects with a great deal of professionalism.


When selecting adequate architectural and technological approaches for specific supplies, always select such that will be as straightforward as possible, using up-to-date approaches to the assignment. Always bring the customer's attention to any variant, alternative approaches to solve the problem concerned where such an alternative procedure offers a more efficient and higher-quality solution to the same problem.


Take every possible measure to ensure that both Solutia´s services and internal enterprise processes reach the highest possible quality on an ongoing basis and are subject to continuous improvement and checking using a system of thorough and regular internal and external audits to ISO 9001.


Article 2

Use of standards


The field of information and communication technologies are governed by the standards that have evolved during the decades of the discipline's existence.


Solutia deems it necessary to provide its services and create products in line with these widespread and widely adopted standards. This applies to both the ISO quality management standard for the services provided and the efforts at minimum environmental impacts according to ISO 14 001 and information security to ISO 27 001.


Even for complicate technological units, we create solutions using modern procedures based on service-oriented architecture (SOA) and Web services (WS).


Article 3

Project and programme management procedures


In project management, consistently use PRINCE2® (Projects In Controlled Environment) and PM BOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge) methodologies, which allow us to make efficient use of the supplies with the highest possible level of control over the individual contracts and products and corresponding level management of project risks.


Article 4

Information confidentiality


Fully aware of the fact that information and knowledge are the most valuable commodity in the modern world, we undertake to respect the confidentiality of all information and know-how we may find out while working on projects for our clients. We appreciate the trust expressed by our clients and we will take every measure to keep it in the future.

 Our internal processes and tools are audited in a detailed manner to the ISO 27001 standard concerning information security management.


Article 5

Concluding responsible agreements


We undertake to approach our work with a great deal of honesty and conclude such agreements and arrangements, of which we are convinced we will be able to comply with.


Article 6

Honesty and representation


Act with honesty at all times when dealing with customers and business partners and keep the good name of Solutia.