Centralized management of terminal devices

With the arrival of notebooks, inquiries to the IT department in the area of user support increased significantly. With the arrival of smart phones and their intensive use in the corporate information system, it is inconceivable today to provide efficient support to end users without using a tool for centralized administration of terminal devices.

Everything from one point

Tools for centralized administration must support the whole life cycle of the terminal device from one point and with the minimum cost of infrastructure operation of the system:


Required functionalities of tools include in particular:

  • administration of corporate resources and devices - IT Asset management,
  • monitoring of efficiency of SW applications,
  • remote assistance and administration,
  • remote implementation of the operating system,
  • remote SW installation,
  • migration of user data to a new OS version,
  • provision of all functionalities to users even outside the customer's network (Internet),
  • cost management of electric power for terminal devices,
  • strong reporting tool for system control.

Administration of terminal stations with LANDesk Management Suite

The company LANDesk offers a tool to its customers to administrate the life cycle of terminal devices with considerable link to and focus on customer's needs and on the continuous and anticipated development of the IT market and its trends.


The long-term history of the product and continuity of its development is a guarantee of centralized and unified solution that will reduce your demands and cost of administration of terminal devices.


LANDesk Management Suite is capable to adapt fully to the customer's IT environment, therefore its implementation can make support activities provided by your IT department more effective in a relatively short time.

How much can you save by using

LANDesk Management Suite?


Potential Savings

with LANDesk Management Suite

Identification of IT means in possession Save up to 41% of time spent on the inventory by your employees.
Inventory of means Save up to EUR 6800 on each 100 users
Collective software installation to terminal stations based on the rules Cutting expenses of SW distribution by up to 39%
Display of reviews and details on the status of means even with respect to related risks Reducing time needed for control audit by up to 42%
Administration of software licences including details of their use in order to negotiate the price Time for installation and upgrade reduced by up to 46%
Administration of means in remote localities

Save up to EUR 800 for the server, which would have to be installed in the remote locality.

In addition, you can save up to EUR 5600  for each 100 users
Setting the security and administration of mobile devices If you have 1000 mobile devices, you can save up to EUR 880 000 a year
Automatic installation of operating systems including migration of applications and user setup Up to 80% of devices reinstalled automatically without operator's intervention
Centrally controlled remote administration of devices You can save up to 24% of the cost of problem solving
Efficient consumption control of terminal devices Save up to EUR 1600 on each 100 terminal devices

Source: LANDesk